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Walgreens is great place to find free or nearly free stuff. You may see the term “Wags” used to refer to Walgreen’s, this is their symbol on the stock exchange and part of their marketing. These stores are home to many extreme couponing deals most weeks. Walgreen’s is not as coupon-friendly as CVS, but they can be more rewarding some weeks.

September 25, 2012
Things changed at Walgreen’s the week of September 16th when Walgreen’s introduce their own loyalty card and program called Balance Rewards. Walgreen’s Balance Reward points are offered on featured products every week and collect into your card. The points are worth $1 per thousand points when redeemed for in 5000 and 10,000 increments, but you can get $50 for 40,000 points so saving up points is worth the effort. Note: these points expired 36 months after they are rewarded, so don’t wait forever.

Also one other note about Balance Rewards points: If you are redeeming your points, DO NOT buy items that are supposed to earn new points. You will not receive any new points in a transaction in which points are redeemed.

Our top tips for newbies – couponing at Wagreen’s:

1. This is how Register Rewards work at Walgreen’s: Register Rewards are coupons that print out in addition your receipt when you purchase certain items. They print from a small printer next to the cash register. Most offers that generate Register Rewards are featured in the Walgreen’s weekly sale circular, although there are some unadvertised deals as well. Register Rewards cannot be used to pay for prescriptions, tobacco, alcohol, lottery and dairy.

2. Learn the Register Rewards rules: Example: don’t spend your Register Reward to purchase the same product that printed the reward; if you do, you won’t receive a new Register Reward on that purchase. Register Rewards coupons are considered a manufacturer’s coupons and no Walgreen’s transaction can include more than 1 manufacturer’s coupon per item. Some stores will allow customers to split their shopping into multiple transactions, but some limit you to earning each Register Rewards only once per shopping trip. Don’t forget the expiration dates on Register Rewards, as you only have two weeks before they expire.

3. Filler Items: You will need to use “filler items” to make it easier to limit your out-of-pocket spending. Fillers are low cost items that can provide a some interesting benefits. For Example: buying an item for $4.99 with a $5 Register Reward. Unfortunately Walgreen’s does not allow coupon value to exceed the pre-tax total. To get around this you’ll want to buy something else to meet that minimum. This filler is a cheap item that pushes you over the the value of your Register Reward, allowing you to use the reward. Another way to use a filler is when you have more manufacturer coupons than you have items. This can happen depending on the number of Register Rewards you are redeeming. The fix? You buy one or more filler items to step around the limit and make it possible to redeem all of your coupons.

4. Things to Know about Walgreens Coupon Policy: You can use both a store and manufacturer coupon on a single item. On a Buy One Get One sale you can redeem a coupon on both items, just remember the total value of the two coupons cannot exceed the sales price of the item you are purchasing. In general, coupons can’t exceed the price your item, but there are some exceptions when this is allowed. Keep watching the site and we’ll let you know when it’s happening and how to take advantage.

5. Coupon Ordering: Hand your coupons to the cashier in the following order as a method of maximizing your savings: manufacturer coupons first, then store coupons, Register Rewards and last of course is cash.

Check PrintGreatCoupons.com regularly for new deals. We preview the weekly sale at Walgreen’s from their circular and suggested scenarios for the best deals at Walgreen’s.

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