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Meijer Weekly Sale PreviewIf you live in Michigan, you know Meijer, once known as “Meijer Thrifty Acres”, the first super store to appear in Metropolitan Detroit in the 1970s. If you live in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, you probably know about Meijer too. Today Meijer has over 190 stores, with about 40 in metro Detroit where it is second in market share to Kroger’s nearly 100 stores. Meijer accepts manufacturer coupons and will occasionally print out a coupon at the register. Some Meijer offers come with a free $5 Meijer gift card, take one at the check out and scan it, it should ring up for free when you’ve met the offer’s conditions.

Meijer is a superstore, not just a grocery, but a full service retailer similar to Walmart. We focus our efforts on the grocery and personal care items such as vitamins, toothpaste, etc. and departments that aren’t typically found in a grocery store. The weekly sale prices go into effect at 6am Sunday Morning and continue thru the week. Meijer has a full array of house branded products and typically run their own brands of Milk, Cheese and Butter at what appear to be loss-leader prices. You can visit the Meijer site by clicking here

I try to get my weekly Meijer ad preview published by Friday afternoon, so check-in every week on Friday or Saturday by clicking here.

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