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CVS: Paid $4.57 on $23.57 worth of Merchandise – 81% Savings!

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I ran in quickly today to grab some toothpaste – went to get some from my downstairs closet and I was out!! This hasn’t happened in more than 2 years but I’ve been on a purging streak and must have given all of my Crests’ and Colgates’ away. Just a few good deals this week. […]

Shopping Til I Drop: A Lesson Learned

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Rookie mistakes abound in this evening’s shopping trip. I broke the cardinal rule of couponing: always watch the register during checkout! I usually have no issues at CVS, so I felt comfortable letting the cashier do her thing while my sister and I distracted ourselves making dinner plans. The Coupon Gods punished me for my […]

Kmart Trip – Part two!! 94% Savings!!

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So I went back to score some free Cottenelle. Again – everything went great … I could get used to this. Remember, you need to spend at least $25 on grocery, beauty and household goods to get your coupons to double!! Again – another photo bomb by another cat – they just love my couponing […]

Kmart: My Triumphant Return – 87% Savings!!

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I’ve been lying pretty low in the Kmart department lately. The last couple of weeks I just didn’t see the deals that would justify the headache and heartache that usually comes with a shopping trip to Kmart. However, this week there was an opportunity to get cheap, cheap Viva paper towels – the gold standard […]

CVS 11/04: Paid $10.68 on $93.82 worth of merchandise – 89% Savings!!

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I had such a terrific shopping trip at CVS!! Finally – there were some great ECB deals! Plus I got another $10/1 Swisse Vitamin CVS coupon AND I found an extra $5/1 Swisse Vitamin purchase manufacturer coupon so I could buy two – yay! A big shout-out to Pauline – the best CVS nurse practitioner […]

Shopping Til I Drop: CVS: Rose Scented Savings

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Today’s CVS trip was a lightning quick one (I had frozen food and groceries waiting in the car.) I was flying through the store, checking items off my list at a quick clip… until I hit the cosmetics section. My eyes glazed over while staring at the dull rack of basic Revlon nail polishes. There […]

My Target Fun shop!! $26.86 on $57.88 worth of merchandise – 54% Savings!!

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I just love the holiday’s!! Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or Halloween – I love them all. But what I specifically love is the day after!! That is when Target marks down anything that may remotely have a symbol or suggestion of the holiday that happened just one day before! Plus, right now almost the entire […]

Shopping Til I Drop: Walmart: Free Razors, Cheap Cheesecake!

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Sissy needed to get some essentials at Wally World, so I told her to pick my rear up and we’d schlep over together. Just before midnight, we ventured out in messy ponytails and our finest loungewear. She gathered her groceries, and I grabbed a cheesecake. Hey, don’t give me that look! 😉 It was on […]

CVS 10/28: $3.78 paid on $53.43 worth of Merchandise – 93% Savings!!

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Had a great shopping trip at CVS today. I’m addicted to those laundry crystals – they make the everything smell so good. Anytime I can get them for less than $5, I’m happy! Also, I lucked out and got my $3/1 Coke coupons from the day before. I’ve been saving my Coke points all […]

Shopping Til I Drop: CVS Halloween Deals

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My CVS trip probably has me under some sort of neighborhood surveillance now. Hey, it’s not my fault the great razor deals happened to be running in the same ad as the Halloween candy! Besides that, today was a pretty fun shopping trip! My favorite cashiers were manning the store, and we chatted about everything […]

Target 10/22: Awesome Deals! 43% Savings on over $100 worth of merchandise!

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I had an AMAZING trip to Target today. This is what I call “retail therapy!!” Kids got some cute stuff and I got these gorgeous bath towels. Granted – I didn’t get everything for free, but I am super happy with the savings I did get. I think I’m finally getting the hang of Cartwheel!! […]