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Walgreens 11/29: Black Friday Shopping Fun

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This afternoon I finally got around to heading out the door to score a few Black Friday deals. I actually started my shopping Thanksgiving night (I know, I know, but my family eats at 2pm and then watches football all afternoon – something I am not interested in). I stumbled home around 5am and then […]

Walgreens 11/27: Profit $9.78 on $105.68 Worth of Merchandise

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So late last night I ran into Walgreens really not expecting for find anymore vitamins. Surprise!! I found three hidden behind some Nature’s Bounty vitamins! Really they weren’t hard to find – they were literally right next to the Swisse vitamins. Somebody did not do a very good job hiding them – ha! I was […]

Shopping Til I Drop: Walgreens Midnight Madness

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I am posting fresh from a midnight spree at the 24-hour Walgreens. Would I do it again? Probably not. 😉 The shelves were decently stocked (the only things I didn’t manage to find were the Reach toothbrushes and another bottle of Swisse vitamins.) The company was pleasant… Mom and I were getting giddy from being […]

Shopping Til I Drop: Our CVS Scavenger Hunt

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Alternate title: How we survived CVS’s Black Friday: Part 1, and earned over $40 in ExtraCare Bucks! You don’t realize just how much of a downer our local Walgreens is, until you follow it up with an immediate trip to our favorite CVS. As Mom and I entered the store, we were greeted with a […]

CVS 11/25: FREE + $1.40 MONEY MAKER!! Ended the day with $27.75 ECB!

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Love, love, love the 4-day ad leading up to CVS’ Black Friday!! This is such a great time to coupon and an even better time if you are just starting out and want to build up your ECB stockpile. I usually average $7-$12 in ECBs each week, but during the week of Black Friday, I […]

Shopping Til I Drop: Fancy Schmancy Ultivites

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Mom and I zipped into Wags to scoop up a few deals before tackling the BIG TRIP to CVS. Obviously I don’t shop Walgreens very often, or else I’d have remembered to pay for the second Scope in a separate transaction. (Oops!) Then the register kept refusing to take my Swisse coupon, until the cashier […]

Rite Aid 11/22: Paid $7.94 on $30.57 worth of merchandise

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I noticed earlier today that my Rite Aid chip coupon was going to expire today … on no!! Can’t let a good coupon expire, especially a Lay’s potato chip one. While there I picked up some stocking stuffers for the kids. One Axe Gift Set, $9.99 Used the $3/1 Axe Gift Pack coupon Plus, used […]

Walgreens 11/20: Paid $4.75 on $37.97 Worth of Merchandise!!

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I ran to Walgreens real quick because I just ran out of Vanilla Extract and there is such a great deal going on right now – I knew I needed to stock up. Unfortunately they only had two left on the shelves – I’m hoping they restock by Saturday! While there I grabbed a few […]

CVS 11/18: Spent $5.29 on $38.28 worth of Merchandise – 86% Savings!!

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I had to run into CVS for a quick trip – wanted to see if they had restocked the $4.99 aspirin and yay – they did!! While I was there I decided to do the Covergirl deal to get the free movie ticket AND the $7 ECB – sweet! Can’t wait to use this ticket […]

Shopping Til I Drop: A Fine Time for Free Vitamins

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There’s a zen-like calm when shopping a store just as it opens, when no other souls are mulling around. Mom and I made a full lap around CVS while the only other patron, a man down the cold medicine aisle, spent his time inspecting every bottle of cough syrup on the shelf. The only thing […]