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Shopping Til I Drop: Walgreens Midnight Madness

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I am posting fresh from a midnight spree at the 24-hour Walgreens. Would I do it again? Probably not. 😉 The shelves were decently stocked (the only things I didn’t manage to find were the Reach toothbrushes and another bottle of Swisse vitamins.) The company was pleasant… Mom and I were getting giddy from being […]

Shopping Til I Drop: Our CVS Scavenger Hunt

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Alternate title: How we survived CVS’s Black Friday: Part 1, and earned over $40 in ExtraCare Bucks! You don’t realize just how much of a downer our local Walgreens is, until you follow it up with an immediate trip to our favorite CVS. As Mom and I entered the store, we were greeted with a […]

Shopping Til I Drop: Fancy Schmancy Ultivites

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Mom and I zipped into Wags to scoop up a few deals before tackling the BIG TRIP to CVS. Obviously I don’t shop Walgreens very often, or else I’d have remembered to pay for the second Scope in a separate transaction. (Oops!) Then the register kept refusing to take my Swisse coupon, until the cashier […]

Shopping Til I Drop: A Fine Time for Free Vitamins

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There’s a zen-like calm when shopping a store just as it opens, when no other souls are mulling around. Mom and I made a full lap around CVS while the only other patron, a man down the cold medicine aisle, spent his time inspecting every bottle of cough syrup on the shelf. The only thing […]

Shopping Til I Drop: A Lesson Learned

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Rookie mistakes abound in this evening’s shopping trip. I broke the cardinal rule of couponing: always watch the register during checkout! I usually have no issues at CVS, so I felt comfortable letting the cashier do her thing while my sister and I distracted ourselves making dinner plans. The Coupon Gods punished me for my […]

Shopping Til I Drop: CVS: Rose Scented Savings

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Today’s CVS trip was a lightning quick one (I had frozen food and groceries waiting in the car.) I was flying through the store, checking items off my list at a quick clip… until I hit the cosmetics section. My eyes glazed over while staring at the dull rack of basic Revlon nail polishes. There […]

Shopping Til I Drop: Walmart: Free Razors, Cheap Cheesecake!

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Sissy needed to get some essentials at Wally World, so I told her to pick my rear up and we’d schlep over together. Just before midnight, we ventured out in messy ponytails and our finest loungewear. She gathered her groceries, and I grabbed a cheesecake. Hey, don’t give me that look! 😉 It was on […]

Shopping Til I Drop: CVS Halloween Deals

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My CVS trip probably has me under some sort of neighborhood surveillance now. Hey, it’s not my fault the great razor deals happened to be running in the same ad as the Halloween candy! Besides that, today was a pretty fun shopping trip! My favorite cashiers were manning the store, and we chatted about everything […]

Shopping Til I Drop: CVS Mega Moneymaker Morning

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I slowly (for dramatic effect, of course) unloaded this morning’s CVS haul onto the nearby TV tray. Dad sat in his recliner ready to pass judgement like a Roman emperor observing a gladiator. “Is that all you went out for? Just candy?” He was obviously unimpressed with my sugary offerings as I set bag after […]

Shopping Til I Drop: Grooming Goods Galore

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Sis called & asked if I had any Breathe Right coupons. Apparently her symphony of snores keeps her new beau up at night. Hey, I can’t tease her too much. A few glasses of wine before bed, and I’m sawin’ logs with an extra loud chainsaw! 😛 So, of course we ended up at our […]