RedBox Instant Streaming + 4 Kiosk Rentals FREE for 1 Month!

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This is the perfect time to try out RedBox Instant Streaming while the kiddos are home on Christmas break. Plus you get four FREE Kiosk rentals too to help keep them occupied.

I absolutely love streaming videos all day while at work. I just put my headphones on and listen to a movie. It helps pass the time and I can stay caught up on all the movies. I was super excited when I found this deal. You get a FREE 1 Month Trial to Redbox Streaming and you get 4 Kiosk Rentals each month. After the 1st month it only cost $8 for each additional month. You can cancel the trial at anytime! Most all of you shop at Walgreens and most Walgreens stores have a Redbox at them so you can get your movies while you shop! I just signed up, join me in the fun.

Click the banner to the top to sign up NOW!

Here is the deal…

1) You must be a new customer to Redbox Instant.
2) You must enter your credit card information when signing up for the free trial.
3) You can cancel your subscription at anytime in order to not be charged the next month.
4) You can stream videos from any computer, Xbox, Android phone, iPhone, or tablet. To see if your device is included CLICK HERE
5) You get 4 Redbox Kiosk Rental credits FREE each month. If you for forget to turn it back in it will use another credit until all credits have been used before charging your card.

I know that a lot of you may be leary of entering your credit card information but the links provided take you directly to the Redbox site and this offer is through a very reputable company. If it weren’t for those things I would not have signed up myself.

Thanks Couponaholic!

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