Shopping Til I Drop: Walmart: Free Razors, Cheap Cheesecake!

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Sissy needed to get some essentials at Wally World, so I told her to pick my rear up and we’d schlep over together. Just before midnight, we ventured out in messy ponytails and our finest loungewear. She gathered her groceries, and I grabbed a cheesecake. Hey, don’t give me that look! 😉 It was on sale and there was PLENTY to celebrate! (Halloween… the Red Sox winning the World Series… Schick razors were back in stock…) We found the ultimate motherlode of cheap Schick razors! After being sold out for almost two months, the basket was heaping over. I was almost sad that I only had three coupons in my pocket.

THREE Schick Disposable Razor 12 ct, $5.91 ($1.97 each)
Used (3) $3/1 Schick Disposable Razor Pack, exp. 11/17/13 (SS 10/06/13)
Total: +$3.09 Money Maker!

ONE Variety Cheesecake Sampler, $3.89 (normally $6.48)
No coupons used.
Total: $3.89

Grand total (minus tax): $0.80

Hope your Halloween was a good one! 🙂 Not looking forward to taking down all of the fake spiderweb from the front porch. The webbing is fake, but it managed to catch some real bugs! (Eww…)

Also made “homemade mosquito repellent” by combining a few different recipes I found through Google. I doused myself down and camped out on the front porch with the bowl of goodies. It seems like it worked well AND I had a guy dressed as a hot dog claim he could smell the candy before reaching the porch. (The main ingredient in the repellent was vanilla – ha!)

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