Shopping Til I Drop: Everyone’s Angry Today

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“It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I set foot in Kmart again.” Mom was ticked and I echoed her sentiment… only with more expletives.

The whole trip fell apart at the checkout. The register kept refusing some of my coupons, and worse yet, the cashier couldn’t tell me WHY they were being rejected. He just scratched his head and shrugged his shoulders. Getting nowhere fast, I had him void the items off the order. Then I tried using the $5 in points on my Kmart card:

Cashier: “Ma’am, it says you don’t have enough points to redeem any.”
Me: “…I got an email that said I had $5 in free points loaded onto my card!”
Cashier: “How long ago did you get the email?”
Me: “A few days ago.”
Cashier: “Maybe the points expired?”
Me: “It said I had until the 30th to use them.”
Cashier: *shrugs shoulders* “I guess you can have customer service look into it.”

I dropped the issue and we paid for our purchases. Once we loaded the car and I had a good look at the receipt, I found my available points balance: 5,681 points. I’m not proud of the swear-filled sailor-talk that spewed out of my mouth. Back into Kmart we went.

It must’ve been a busy day for the Customer Service lady. Between handling our complaint, answering the phone, and the growing line behind us, she asked aloud to no one in particular, “Is everyone angry today?” She had to do some major transaction tweaking, but the issue was resolved. Mom received a $5 refund, and I got the half roll of receipt paper chronicling our harrowing adventure.

I’ll be having Kmart-based nightmares tonight, I just know it.


The Aquafina, Mom’s water of choice, came out to $3.99 each with the $5 in bonus points. The Colgate toothpaste, Tresemme dry shampoo, and Clear shampoo were freebies with coupons.

7 Responses to “Shopping Til I Drop: Everyone’s Angry Today”

  1. JR FrugalMom

    We have a Kmart down the street, but I honestly cannot wait until they close and put something else there instead. I hate that store! I never leave happy, and I can always count on getting a good bagful of frustration for free. S

    • Shanna

      Same here. I loathe that store. It is going out of business 11/10/13. Gee, I wonder why?

  2. rosy

    I have gone to kmart 2times and both times was disaterous. they accused me of photocopying coupons as to their explaination why they didn’t scan. I can’t stand them and I will never go back!

  3. GroovyAquarius

    Our Kmart is sandwiched between two Walmarts, two CVS stores, two Publix stores, and a Walgreens. I always wondered how it was still in business…

    After the coupons were rejected (4 $1 off Rimmel coupons) and the items (nail polish) were voided off the order, the cashier asked if I wanted the coupons back. They were expiring in like 2 days, so I told him I didn’t need them.

    Did he put them in the trash can? Heck no, he shoved them in the register with the OTHER collected coupons. Yeah, enjoy that free $4, Kmart.

    Too bad the store is too small to convert into a Target. 🙁

  4. amie

    Well, I like my K-Mart ONLY for points deals and store coupons. I saved a lot on my son’s school uniforms and Halloween costume. I have never had any luck with manufacturers coupons. I just wish they had competent staff.

  5. CouponCate

    I have to gather every bit of patience and courage to go into Kmart anymore. Their computer system is just so slow and outdated. To have to justify each and every coupon on the screen AFTER you scan it – ugh – I just pray nobody gets in line behind me although they always do since they only have one cashier working. I usually factor in the time it will take to run to customer service after each transaction. It is definitely NOT a quick trip!!

  6. Jessica

    I haven’t stepped foot in kmart in about a year and don’t plan on changing that either . For the same reason , they suck . It’s not worth a headache and frustration to try and get a deal there . Kmart and walmart are on my stay away list . I’ll stick to Target . And Publix for groceries .


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