Shopping Til I Drop: CVS Mega Moneymaker Morning

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I slowly (for dramatic effect, of course) unloaded this morning’s CVS haul onto the nearby TV tray. Dad sat in his recliner ready to pass judgement like a Roman emperor observing a gladiator. “Is that all you went out for? Just candy?” He was obviously unimpressed with my sugary offerings as I set bag after bag of chocolate in a row.

“No, I got you these!” I put the three boxes of strawberry flavored antacids on the tray. If anything, Dad looked almost disappointed. Sometimes I think he prefers his powdery, chalky tablets to the chews I’ve been picking up lately. Who wants to pick antacid gunk stuck in their molars for the next half hour?

The vitamins went on the tray last. “What the heck is that?” “Men’s multivitamins.” Dad’s been hounding me to pick him up a multivitamin for a while now, but I don’t think he knew what to make of the Swisse brand. I think he was anticipating something more recognizable… like grandpa’s Centrum tablets. I picked up a bottle and gave it a shake. “These are $20 vitamins! Nicole Kidman would use these if she were a man!” The manufacturer coupon had proudly claimed Nicole Kidman as a fan of Swisse vitamins. Mom got the reference and laughed.


I did my best Vanna White impression and made a grand, sweeping gesture to the items on the tray.
“OK, so… how much did I pay?”
I put my hands on my hips and stared at him. “When do I EVER pay $20 for anything?”
“Keep going.”

With tax, I spent exactly $2. Half of the receipt was the $19.97 in ExtraCare Bucks I had earned. Dad laughed and shook his head incredulously. I’ll take that as a “thumbs up” from the emperor. 😉

TWO Swisse Men’s Multivitamins, $38.98 ($19.49 each)
Get $5 Extra Bucks when you buy $15 OR $12 Extra Bucks when you buy $30 of select diet/vitamin products
Used (2) $10 off Swisse Vitamins, CVS Red Coupon Machine
Used (2) $10 off Swisse Vitamins Mfr Printable (No longer available)
Total: +$1.02 Money Maker & earned $12 ECB!

TWO Milky Way 8.4oz Pouches, $5.00 (2/$5.00)
FOUR Snickers Bites 8.4oz Pouches, $10.00 (2/$5.00)
Get $5 Extra Bucks when you buy $15 of select grocery items including Snickers/Milky Way Bites
Used (6) $2/1 Snickers or Milky Way Bites printable coupon
Total: $3, but earned $5 ECB

THREE CVS brand Antacid Chews, $2.97 ($0.99 each)
Get $0.99 Extra Bucks when you buy CVS Flavor Chews Antacid 12 ct (limit 3)
No coupons used
Total: $2.97, but earned $2.97 in ExtraCare Bucks

Used $4 in ExtraCare Bucks

Grand total (minus tax): $0.95 & received $19.97 ECBs! 🙂

3 Responses to “Shopping Til I Drop: CVS Mega Moneymaker Morning”

  1. CouponCate

    LOL! Thanks for the early morning laugh!! I got the Nicole Kidman reference right away. I’m going in today to snag the Liver Detox vitamins. Pretty sure that’s the reason for the 5 extra pounds. It couldn’t be the bags of Halloween candy I have stashed under my bed!!

    • GroovyAquarius

      My CVS was already out of the Liver Detox yesterday, but I was pretty set on getting the multivitamins anyway. I know I’m going to regret buying all of that chocolate, but I threw a couple of bags into the deep freezer (out of sight, out of mind) and I’m sure Sis will be more than happy to take a few pouches off of my hands. 🙂

      Hope your liver feels better soon! 😉


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