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This Week's Deals at Walgreen's

This Week’s Deals at Walgreen’s

If you are a newbie to Walgreens then you will want to checkout the Intro to Walgreens which explains everything you need to know about Walgreens. Here is a few quick pointers.

  • RR – means Register Rewards
  • BRP – means Balance Rewards Points
  • WYB – means When You Buy
  • Register Rewards and Balance Rewards Points can be used like cash on anything (exceptalcohol, tobacco, and gift cards)
  • Do NOT use Balance Rewards Points to pay for a transaction where you would earn points. You will not get the new points.
  • Do NOT use Register Rewards to pay for the same item in the next transaction. You will not get the new Register Reward.
  • Do NOT purchase multiple “same” items in a transaction that you receive Register Rewards on because you will not get multiple Register Rewards.


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