Very Cheap and Free:Diamond Crystals Sea Salt and Kosher Salt RESETS!

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Diamond and Kosher Salt


Everyone we have some nice RESETS on Diamond Crystals printable coupons (preclipped using zip code 33712).  If your store doubles this product can be very CHEAP or FREE which can score you some pretty good deals.

-Use $0.50 on One Diamond Crystal Sea Salt which has “RESET” printable (preclipped using zip code 33712)

Or use $0.40 on One Diamond Crystal Sea Salt which has also “RESET” printable (preclipped using zip code 33712)

If you need to change your zip code, CLICK HERE and enter the listed zip code associated with the coupon and click the blue arrow next to the zip code box. After doing so, come back to this page and click the coupon link and it should be pre-clipped for you (if I have listed the coupon as “pre-clipped.”

If you decide to stock up on the full size Kosher Salt and Sea Salt products that run about $1.19 in most area’s, so you pay about $0.19 for the Sea Salt and $0.39 for the Kosher Salt if your store doubles. WOW! these items will be very cheap or free $0.69-$0.79 if your store does not double.

Thanks toCouponaholic for the tip and pic.

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