Shopping Til I Drop: Office Depot Deals (& Cheap CVS Sharpies)

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My mom is super proud of her office supply haul she picked up today. 😉 She needed some things for work, and I’m pretty much set on ink and paper for the moment, so I gave her my $12 Office Depot Rewards certificate. On top of the awesome Back-to-School deals going on this week, we found a shopping cart with clearance items marked down to 25 cents!

(1) Gartner Studios Presentation Folders 10ct, $0.25 (normally $14.99 ea.)
(1) Gartner Studios Letterhead Paper 100pk, $0.25 (normally $7 – $8 ea.)
(2) Contact Keeper Large Refill Packs, $0.25 (normally $11.69 each)

(3) Office Depot 12″ Acrylic Rulers, $0.75 ($0.25 ea.)
(3) Office Depot Composition Books, $0.75
($0.25 ea.)
(1) Office Depot Highlighter 5pk, $1.00
(2) Office Depot Ballpoint Pen 10pk, $2.00 ($1.00 ea.)
(1) Office Depot Wood Pencils 12ct, $1.29
(1) Office Depot Correction Tape 2pk, $5.49

Total (including $0.86 tax): $13.14
Office Depot Rewards Cert: $12.40

TOTAL SPENT out of pocket: $0.74

I’m pretty sure we got everything on Mom’s back-to-work list… except a KinderMat.


After Office Depot, we made a super-quick stop into CVS. Mom received the email with the free $3 Extra Care Bucks (and like Charlie Brown, I got a rock…) While I finagled with the moody Red Coupon Machine (it refused to scan my card), Mom made a beeline for the office supplies & found a bonus pack of Sharpie markers. Sixteen Sharpies for $3.99?! Office Depot wanted 50 cents a piece!

ONE Sharpie 8ct pack (w/ BONUS 8ct pack), $3.99
Used (1) $3 Extra Care Bucks CVS Emailed Coupon

Grand total (minus tax): $0.99

My older sister came by after work & after seeing Mom’s newly acquired Sharpies, she went to CVS and picked some up, too. She also got the $3 ECB email! Soooo not fair! 😛

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  1. carla

    You should try this app called wrapp
    I havejt been able to myself because there are no participating store snear us but office depot is on the list. From what i understand you send promotional gift cards to other app users and can use them instore/online. Worth a try


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