Shopping Til I Drop: Where the Magic Happens

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Last week wasn’t much fun, so surely this week would start off better, right? Well… it didn’t. Not at first, anyway, which left me pretty disheartened. Mom, Boyfriend, and I must have traveled to every Dollar General in town trying to find the freebie Head & Shoulders and Venus razors, but only found vacant shelves at every stop. The two “ladies” that cut us off in traffic and then issued us the “one finger salute” didn’t help my frustration any. Meh.

I almost didn’t drag myself out of bed for a CVS run early Sunday, but I’m glad I did. Things actually went as planned, and I picked up some free toothpaste and razors. Imagine this, but with 2 liters of mouthwash. 😛 Shopping the CVS is starting to feel pretty comfortable now!

Today, I decided to tackle a project of gargantuan proportions that I’ve been putting off for forever. May I present to you: The Command Center. Or, as Boyfriend calls it, “where the magic happens.”


Now I know what you’re thinking: “How the heck do you get any work done with that loud green carpet screaming all around you?!” It’s not easy, but I manage to power through.

The first rule of couponing is not to talk about couponing… no, wait, that’s not right… ORGANIZATION! Yes, the first rule is organization. And obviously, my current system (or lack thereof *cough*) wasn’t cuttin’ it. I cleared off all of the clutter and started with a clean slate. I even dusted! Man, I HATE dusting.


Mom’s paperweights had to stay, and the pet rock, of course. Every desk needs a pet rock! Mom will be proud when I tell her I posted a picture of my B cups to the internet. 😉 This one holds spare change and Boxtops for Education.

I tackled the Mt. Everest-sized mound of coupon inserts and removed the outdated ones, and filed the rest away in the filing cabinet. I hope the cabinet can handle it… It feels like the drawer is dragging a bit, like the next time I open it, sparks are going to shoot from the side bearings. All of the loose coupons, peelies, and blinkies got sorted into their own organizer. After working on it off and on all day, here’s the end result:


Ta-daa! Holy cow, you can actually SEE the top of the desk! (Other random things I found: My favorite pen, 4 hair ties, a Wal-Mart gift card with money still on it, and a pair of earrings.) Who knows how long it’ll stay looking that good?

Do you have any tips or advice on keeping organized? Goodness knows I can use the help. 🙂

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