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Aldi Weekly Sale Preview
Note: Aldi does not accept Coupons, Credit Cards or Checks. 
ALDI will often have themed sales. We’ll often add a section or two based on the theme, but usually sort the items by where you would find them “Refrigerated” or “Frozen”.

The Aldi Mar 31 thru Apr 06 Preveiw for Metro Detroit

Wednesday Fresh Meat Special Buy
$4.69 per lb of Fresh USDA Choice Top Blade Steak


$1.99 Mandarins, per 3-lb bag
$1.59 Naval Oranges, per 4-lb bag
$1.29 Anjou Pears, per 4-pack
$1.19 Red Grapes, per lb
$.69 Mangos, each
$.35 Bananas, per lb

Deutsche Kuche German Cuisine

$6.99 St. Gisbertus Rheinhessen Riesling, Imported from Germany, 750 mL
$5.99 Pork Schnitzel, 24 oz
$3.99 Bavarian Bratwurst, 12.34 oz
$3.99 St. Anneliese Liebfraumilch, Imported from Germany, 750 mL
$3.79 Savory Strudels, Spinach & Ricotta or Artichoke & Cheese, 10.6 oz
$2.99 Nuremberg Bratwurst, 8.82 oz
$2.99 Bavarian Soft Pretzels, Imported from Germany, 17.57 oz
$2.99 Musli Cereal, Premium Fruit or Raisin Nut, Imported from Germany, 17.6 oz
$2.49 Liqueur Cake, Amaretti or Rum, Imported from Germany, 14 oz
$2.49 Imported Strudel, Assorted Varieties, Imported from Germany, 19.2 oz
$2.49 Pretzel Dough, Sea Salt or Cinnamon Sugar, 14.3-16.6 oz
$1.99 European Mustards, Assorted Varieties, Imported from Germany, 12.2-13.3 oz
$1.99 Pound Cake, Lemon or Marble, Imported from Germany, 14 oz
$1.99 Doppel Keks, Imported from Germany, 17.6 oz
$1.99 Egg Spaetzle, Imported from Germany, 17.6 oz
$1.99 Braunschweiger, 16 oz
$1.79 German Breads, Assorted Varieties, Imported from Germany, 17.6 oz
$1.69 Pretzel Crackers, Imported from Germany, 6 oz
$1.69 German Style Sauerkraut or Red Cabbage w/ Apples, 24 oz
$1.69 White Asparagus Spears, 11.5 oz
$1.49 Peanut Puffs, Imported from Germany, 7.05 oz

Wine of the Month

$4.99 Villa Malizia Pinot Grigio, Imported from Italy, 750 mL

Gardening Tools

$49.99 Earthwise Cordless String Trimmer
$44.99 Earthwise Cordless Blower
$39.99 Earthwise 24″ Electric Hedge Trimmer, 3.8 amps
$29.99 Gardenline Raised Garden Bed
$24.99 Suncast 165′ Hose Hideaway, Hose and nozzle not included
$24.99 Gracious Living Yard Cart
$14.99 Gardenline Shade or Ornamental Trees, Assorted Varieties
$11.99 Gardenline Tool Utility Rack
$9.99 Gardenline Telescopic Hedge Shears or Anvil Lopper
$9.99 Gardenline Twist Tiller
$9.99 Gardenline Bird Bath, Assorted Colors
$9.99 Gardenline Garden Kneeler
$9.99 Gardenline Bird Feeding Station, Includes birdhouse mount
$8.99 Gardenline 50′ Garden Hose, Solid brass couplings
$7.99 St. Albans Bay Suet Plus High Energy Bird Suet, 10-pack
$7.99 Gardenline Bird Feeder Assortment
$7.99 Gardenline Flowering Shrubs, Assorted Varieties
$6.99 Gardenline Hose Accessories
$6.99 Gardenline Garden Bags, 32-Gallon Pop-Up or 72-Gallon Extra Large Garden Bag
$6.99 Valley Splendor Wild Bird Food, 20 lb
$6.99 Gardenline Sun & Shade Lovers Spring Bulb Assortment, Assorted Varieties
$5.99 Gardenline Berry Bushes, Assorted Varieties
$3.99 NK Lawn & Garden Seedy Green Grass Seed Mix
$3.49 Gardeline Landscaping Fabric, 3’W x 50’L
$2.99 Gardenline Hose Nozzle Assortment
$2.99 Gardenline Short Handle Garden Tools
$2.99 ASB Greenworld Garden Soil
$2.99 Gardenline Perennial Shrubs, Assorted Varieties


$6.49 Kirkwood Spicy Buffalo Chicken Chunks, 32 oz
$3.99 Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Pizza, Chicken, Spinach, & Garlic, 31.65 oz
$3.49 Kirkwood Stuffed Chicken Entrees, Assorted Varieties, 10 oz
$1.99 Stockmeyer Soup, Pea or Harvest Potato, 28 oz
$1.79 Savoritz Vegetable Round Crackers, 14.6 oz
$1.49 Life Savers Candy, Assorted Flavors, 6.25 oz
$1.29 Season’s Choice Diced Onion Rings, 16 oz
$.99 Summit Gridlock Energy Drink Revive, 16 oz
$.89 Margaret Holmes Tomatoes, Okra and Corn, 14.5 oz

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