Aldi Metro Detroit Sale Preview for week of November 25

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Aldi Weekly Sale PreviewHere is the Aldi sale preview for Metro Detroit, November 25 thru December 1, 2012.
Note: Aldi does not accept Coupons, Credit Cards or Checks.

ALDI will often have themed sales. We’ll often add a section or two based on the theme, but usually sort the items by where you would find them “Refrigerated” or “Frozen”.




Wednesday Fresh Meat Special Buy Day
$4.99 Mom’s Fresh Meatloaf, beef and pork mixes with spices, 20oz or $3.99 per pound, not a great deal.

$9.99 Hormel meat and cheese party tray, 28 oz.

Frozen Food
$9.99 Sea Queen frozen whole Maine lobster, 18oz or $8.88 a pound.
$5.99 Sea Queen frozen bay scallops 16oz.
$5.99 Belmont candy cane or French silk pie, thaw and serve 24-28 oz.
$4.99 Specially Selected frozen pork crown roast, 6.67 lb average.
$4.99 Cattlemen’s Ranch country fried steaks or steak fingers 20oz.
$3.99 Kirkwood coconut chicken tenders 14oz.
$3.99 Little Salad Bar hummus quartet, original, roasted red pepper, roasted garlic and cilantro jalapeno, 20 oz.
$3.49 Clancy’s holiday pretzel tub, 24 oz.
$2.49 Maple Leaf Farms whole duckling, 5 lb average.
$2.49 Priano spinach cannelloni or vegetable lasagna.
$1.69 Appleton Farms boneless ham steak 8 oz.
$1.49 Clancy’s holiday (red and green) tortilla chips, 14 oz.
$.85 Season’s Choice broccoli cuts 16 oz.

Dairy and Refrigerated Foods
$3.99 Speically Selected goat’s milk cheddar, 8 oz.
$3.99 Bake House Creations cookie dough tub chocolate chip or sugar 36 oz.
$1.99 Bake House Creations Christmas sugar cookie dough, 18 oz.
$1.89 Friendly Farms eggnog 32 oz.
$1.49 Friendly Farms coffee creamer, peppermint mocha or pumpkin spice 16 oz.

Christmas Sweets Kits
$5.99 Benton’s gingerbread house kit, 24.9 oz.
$4.99 Baker’s Corner holiday cake pop kit, gingerbread or snowman, 16 – 17.11 oz.
$4.99 Benton’s cookie ornament decorating kit, 12 cookies to decorate, 17.62 oz.
$4.99 Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats holiday house kid. 11.36 oz.
$3.99 Benton’s giant gingerbread man kit, 13.04 oz.
$2.79 Baker’s Corner holiday whoopie pie mixes, chocolate peppermint or gingerbread, 13-14 oz.


$7.99 Krusteaz chocolate crackle cookie miz, 66 oz.
$6.99 Ghirardelli milk chocolate shortbread cookie mix, 51.6oz
$5.79 Beaumont single serve coffee cups, assorted varieties, 12 ct box.
$3.49 Hawaiian Punch fruit snacks, 19.2 oz.
$2.49 Southern Grove California mission figs, 7 oz.
$2.49 Aunt Maples pancake and waffle mix, gingerbread spice or dark chocolate & peppermint, 16 oz.
$2.49 JELL-O no bake desert assortment, 12.6-19.6 oz.
$2.49 Andes creme de menthe baking chips, 10 oz.
$1.79 Clancy’s drizzled kettlecorn, dark chocolate flavored, 5 oz.
$1.69 Baker’s Corner bittersweet chocolate baking chips, 11.5 oz
$1.49 Baker’s Corner Gingerbread cookie mix, 17.5 oz.
$1.29 Baker’s Corner mini semi-sweet chocolate morsels

Cakes and Cookies
$8.99 Cafe Bistro compliments tin of assorted cookies, 35 oz.
$4.99 L’oven Fresh cookie tray, shortbread or candy bites, 20 oz.
$3.99 L’oven Fresh orange cranberry breakfast cake, 26 oz.
$2.99 L’oven triple chocolate creme cake 20 oz.
$2.49 Benton’s soft & chewy eggnog cookies, 9 oz.
$2.29 L’oven Fresh mini frosted red velvet sugar cookies. 10.5 oz.
$2.29 L’oven Fresh mini frosted red velvet sugar cupcakes. 10.5 oz.
$1.99 Benton’s cookie straws, cinnamin pecan, sugar or cranberry 4.5 oz.

$9.99 O’Donnells Irish cream gift pack, 750 ml.
$5.99 Holiday Wine merlot from Italy or chardonnay from France, 750ml.

$69.99 Crofton Electric stove heater supplemental warmth for upto 400 sq. ft.
$39.99 Crofton turbor convection Oven, 2yr warranty.
$19.99 Crofton rechargeable cordless floor and carpet cleaner, runs 40 minutes per charge.
$9.99 Anchor Hocking 4-Piece glass bowl Sets, 1, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5-quart bowls.
$9.99 Huntington plastic tree ornaments, includes metal handing hooks 50 ct.
$8.99 Kitchen Living 3-piece cookie sheet set, 9″x13″, 10″x15″ and 11″x17″.
$8.99 Wilton cookie press, 12 pattern disks, easy squeeze handle.
$7.99 Sealtite 60-Piece food storage set microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
$5.99 Kitchen Living silicone baking mat, non-stick can be place directly on oven rack, 11.5″x
$5.49 Panda big roll toilet paper, 12 pack.
$4.99 Kitchen Living kitchen organizer assortment, turntable, shelf organizer or 8 piece bin pack
$4.99 Kitchen Living silverware or tool/gadget organizers, white or black.
$4.99 Kitchen Living, 3-tier cooling rack or 10-piece cookie cutter set.
$3.49 Sealtite 4-Piece, 2 containers + 2 tops 1 gallon, rectangle food storage set, BPA free.
$2.99 Window Clings, licensed characters, including Peanut’s, Seuss and Rudlolf the red nosed reindeer.
$2.49 Kitchen Living nylon & stainless steel untensils, assorted items.
$1.99 Pembrook Christmas roll wrap, 90 sqft of paper wrap, or 30 sqft of foil wrap.
$1.29 Boulder holiday print ultra paper towels, 70 sheets per row.
$.99 Boulder holiday paper tableware or holiday baking cups.

Available Wed. November 28
$8.99 mini Christmas Tree.
$6.99 18″ Balsam holiday wreath.
$3.99 Poinsettia 6″ pot, Red or White.

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