Aldi Sale Preview for Metro Detroit, October 28, 2012.

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Aldi Weekly Sale PreviewHere is the Aldi sale preview for Metro Detroit, October 28 thru November 3, 2012. Note: Aldi does not accept Coupons, Credit Cards or Checks.

ALDI will often have themed sales. We’ll often add a section or two based on the theme, but usually sort the items by where you would find them “Refrigerated” or “Frozen”.

Wednesday Fresh Meat Special Buy Day
$1.69 Pilgrim’s fresh, boneless, chicken breast, per pound, 5 pound average.

$7.99 Rheinhessen beerenauslese from Germany 500ml.
$4.99 Christkindl gluhwein from Germany 500ml.

Thanksgiving Foods
$7.99 Kirkwood boneless turkey breast 48oz.
$2.89 Libby’s easy pumpking pie mix 30oz.
$1.89 Butterball fully cooked, smoked turkey, per pound, 11 pound average.
$1.29 Happy Harvest, cut sweet potatoes, 29oz can.
$1.19 Butterball turkey per pound, 12-22 lb average.
$.99 Happy Harvest, candied sweet potatoes, 15.5oz can.
$.99 Baker’s Corner canned pumpkin 15oz.
$.89 Sweet Harvest cranberry sauce, whole berry or jellied, 14oz can.

Dairy and Refrigerated
$5.89 Happy Farms shredded cheese mozzarella or mild cheddar, 32oz.
$2.99 Cook’s ham roast, 3.25lb avg weight.
$1.99 Little Salad Bar refrigerated soup, assorted varieties 10oz.
$1.99 Countryside Creamery butter quarters reg & unsalted, 16oz.
$1.29 Happy Farms flovored spreadable cheese wedges assorted varieties 4oz.
$.99 Happy Farms cream cheese or Fit & Active neufchatel 80z.
$.99 Bake House creations crescent rolls 8oz.
$.39 Fit & Active Raspberry or blackberry nonfat yogurt 6oz.

Frozen Foods
$8.99 Bremer bake, ranchero chicken or chicken & rice, 57oz.
$6.99 Roseland sweet bbq spare ribs assorted varieties 24oz.
$6.99 Sea Queen whole pacific salmon fillet 24oz.
$3.99 Casa Mamita mini tacos 20oz.
$2.19 Mama Cozzi’s cheesesticks 11.5oz.
$1.79 Season’s Choice frozen roasted potato wedges assorted varieties 16oz.

Baked Goods
$4.99 L’oven Fresh Mini pecan tart party tray 16.2oz.
$3.99 L’oven Fresh pecan pie 24oz.
$3.99 Belmont Dutch apple crumb pie 37oz.
$3.99 L’oven Fresh mini cinnamon crumb cake 26.oz.
$2.99 Belmont pumpkin pie 37oz.
$2.99 L’oven Fresh Dutch apple pie 24oz.
$2.99 L’oven Fresh sweet potato pie 24oz.
$2.89 L’oven Fresh pumpkin pie 24oz.
$2.29 L’oven Fresh mini cinnamon roll frosted sugar cookies 10.5oz.
$1.99 L’oven Fresh rolls sweet multi-grain or potato 20oz.
$1.99 Baker’s Corner cookie brownie bar 19.5oz.
$.99 L’oven Fresh Brown & Serve Rolls 12oz.

$1.99 Chef’s Cupboard turkey stock, 32oz.
$1.99 Chef’s Cupboard bagged stuffing herb or cornbread 6oz.
$1.79 Priano carmelized onion and garlic pasta sauce 24oz jar.
$1.79 Priano red pepper pasta sauce 24oz jar.
$1.49 Savoritz crack pepper & olive oil or woven wheat crackers 9.5oz.
$.99 Chef’s Cupboard stuffing mix whole wheat turkey or herbs de Provence 6oz.
$.99 Fit & Active or Chef’s Cupboard broth, assorted varieties 32oz.
$.89 Chef’s Cupboard stuffing mix turkey or herb, 6oz.

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