Aldi Metro Detroit Ad Preview for Sep 30, 2012

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Aldi Weekly Sale Preview
Here is the Aldi sale preview for Metro Detroit, September 30-October 6, 2012.
Note: Aldi does not accept Coupons, Credit Cards or Checks.

This weeks’s Aldi sale is fall themed and we’re trying to use their groupings to present this week’s sale.

Wednesday Fresh Meat Special Buy Day
$1.69 Pilrgims fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts 5lb average – This is a very good price.

Frozen Meats and Seafood
$12.99 Specially Select Maine Lobster tails two 4oz tails.
$4.99 Kirkwood spicy chicken breaded breast filets 28oz.
$3.99 Maple Leaf Farms whole duck 5lb average.

Pumpkin and Halloween Products

$7.99 Belmont Pumpkin swirl cheesecake 40oz.
$6.99 Belmont pumkin supreme pie 36oz.
$4.99 Belmont galette pies, harvest berry or cranberry orange 32oz.
$4.99 Benton’s Halloween cookie decorating kit 16oz.
$4.99 Beaumont pumpkin spice or dark roast coffee.
$4.89 Libby’s pumpkin bread kit 56.1oz.
$3.99 Bremer Select pesto pasta shells or 4 cheese fettuccine 32oz.
$3.49 L’oven Fresh caramel apple pie, 24oz.
$3.49 Specially Selected pumpkin spice bark 9oz.
$2.99 Specially Selected chocolate sea salt or pumpkin caramel sauce 10oz.
$2.99 L’oven Fresh pumpkin cream cheese creme cake 20oz.
$2.79 Baker’s Corner pumpkin spice whoopie pie mix 13oz.
$2.79 Specially Selected pizzelle Italian cookies pumpkin spice and assorted varieties 7oz.
$2.69 Belmont Pumpkin pie ice cream 48oz.
$2.49 Benton’s soft & chewy pumpkin spice cookies 9oz.
$2.29 L’oven Fresh mini frosted pumpkin sugar cookies 10.5oz.
$2.29 L’oven Fresh pumpkin spice mini cupcakes 8.8oz.
$2.49 Aunt Maple’s pancake mix pumpkin or banana chocolate 16oz.
$2.49 Specially Selected pumpkin ravioli 16oz.
$2.19 Beaumont pumpkin spice dry coffee creamer.
$1.99 Southern Grove pumpkin seeds 5oz.
$1.99 L’oven Fresh pumpkin bagels 20oz.
$1.99 Friendly Farms pumpking spice mile 32oz.
$1.99 Alpine spiced apple cider mix 7.4oz.
$1.69 Specially Selected fall haverst salsas, including spiced pumpkin 16oz jar.
$1.49 Happy Farms pumpkin spice cream cheese 8oz.
$1.49 Baker’s Corner pumpkin spice cookie mix 17.5oz.
$1.49 Beaumont ready to drink Coffee, pumpmkin spice or caramel 9.5oz.
$.99 Baker’s Corner pumpkin spice marshmallows 10oz.
$.39 Fit & Active pumpkin pie non-fat yogurt 6oz.

Not for Sale: My Cat Pumpkin







$5.99 Jacob Einig, Reisling Spatlase (slightly sweet) Wine 750ml.
$4.99 Toca Diamonte Malbec (dry, spicy) Red Wine 750ml.
$1.99 Nature’s Nectar sparkling spiced pumpking cider 16oz.
$1.99 Bolthouse Farms 15.2oz.

Chili Products
$1.29 Burman’s chili sauce 12oz.
$1.19 Brookdale canned turkey chili or vegetarian with beans 15oz.
$1.19 Chef’s Cupboard
$1.19 Brookdale Original chili, with beans 15oz.
$.89 Savoritz Oyster crackers (for all that chili) 10oz
$.59 Dakota’s Pride beans, kidney or chili 15.5oz.
$.59 Happy Harvest diced tomatoes 14.5oz.

$3.99 Bremer Selects French onion soup 20oz.
$1.99 Brookdale chicken and dumplings 24oz.
$1.79 Brookdale beef stew 24oz.
$1.79 Chef’s Cupboard butternut squash soup 32oz.
$1.79 Chef’s Cupboard roasted red pepper and tomato soup 32oz.
$1.29 Chef’s Cupboard homestyle soups assorted varieties 19oz cans.
$1.29 Chef’s Cupboard chuncky soup assorted varieties 18.6-18.8oz cans.
$1.29 Chef’s Cupboard chuncky sirloin burger or beef with vegatables 18.6-18.8oz cans.
$1.29 Chef’s Cupboard family size chicken noodle or tomato soup 26oz cans.
$1.19 Chef’s Cupboard tomato basil or Southwestern style black bean 17.3oz.
$.99 Fit & Active or Chef’s Cupboard broth, assorted varieties 32oz.
$.59 Chef’s Cupboard condensed soup, assorted varieties 10.5oz cans

$3.49 Specially Selected dark chocolate covers cranberries or cherries 10oz.
$2.99 Specially Selected Apple harvest cheddar cheese 8oz wheel.
$2.49 Specially Selected smoked deli sliced cheese, assorted varieties 8oz.
$1.39 Seneca cinnamon apple chips 2.5oz bag.
$1.29 Savoritz cornbread snack crackers 7oz.
$1.19 Chef’s Cupboard instant sweet potatoes 6.3oz.

$16.99 Whirley Pop popcorn popper 25 year warranty.
$4.99 Sealtite hot beverage mug set, two 16oz mugs assorted designs.
$2.49 Sealtite 6-piece screw top round food storage set 16oz capacity.
$1.49 Boulder 20oz ultra heavy duty bowls 24pack.

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