Aldi August 19, 2012 Sale Preview for Metro Detroit

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Here is the Aldi sale preview for Metro Detroit, August 19-25, 2012. The produce specials come out on Sunday we’ll post them under the Aldi category.

Wednesday – Fresh Meat Special Buy
$5.99lb Beef Filet This is a good price. If the filet’s trimmed and available in smaller than whole tenderloin size, that would be a GREAT DEAL, don’t miss it.

$.59 Casa Mamita Mexican style seasonings fajitas, enchilada or burrito 1.12-1.62oz.
$.59 Benita Mexican fiesta diced tomatoes 14.5oz.
$.69 Benita diced green chiles 4oz.
$.69 Benita black beand spicy or jalapeno 15oz
$.79 Benita Mexican style corn, 11oz
$.99 Tuscan Garden texas toast croutons assorted varieties 5oz.
$1.19 Dakota’s Pride onion baked beans 28oz.
$1.19 Clancy’s corn chips big dippers or chili cheese 9.25oz
$1.19 Clancy’s Onion snack rings 7oz.
$1.29 Casa Mamita Mexican sauces enchilada, taco or picante, 16.oz.
$1.29 Benita 10″ flour burrito tortillas 8ct 20oz.
$1.29 Tuscan Garden Olive oil & Vinegar or Norther Italian dressing 16oz.
$1.49 Benita 6″ fajita flour tortillas 20ct 26oz.
$1.49 Taco Bell bold and creamy sauces chipotle, jalapeno or ranchero 8oz.
$1.59 Tampico Mango Punch 128oz.
$1.69 Clancy’s tortilla chips spicy salsa or guacamole 12oz.
$1.69 Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen garlic bread sticks 10.5oz.
$1.88 Little Salad Bar potato salad loaded baked potato or red skin 16oz.
$1.99 Season’s Choice fire roasted corn 12oz.
$1.99 Taco Bell dinner kit, soft or hard shells 10.75-16.35oz.
$1.99 Kraft Miracle Whip Squeeze 12oz.
$2.19 Nature’s Nectar 100% Pineapple Juice 64oz can.
$2.19 Clancy’s party mix bold or honey nut 15oz.
$2.29 King’s Hawaiian original rolls 12ct, 12oz.
$2.89 Kraft olive oil mayonnaise 22oz.
$2.89 Kellogg’s Special K cereal assorted varieties 12.5-13.4oz.
$2.99 edenVale gourmet cheese spread assorted varieties 8oz.
$2.99 Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen taco or fajita pizza 19-21.5oz
$2.99 Benita mini ice cream bars strawberry, mango, coconut, 12 1.5oz bars
$2.99 Nature’s Nectar 100% Mango Passion juice 64oz.
$3.49 Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen crispy flatbread crust pizza 14oz.
$3.49 Clancy’s butter twists or waffle tub 18-22oz.
$3.69 M&M’s ice cream cones 6 3.5oz cones.
$3.99 Grapvine Merlot from Spain 750ml $4.99 in Ohio.
$3.99 Specially Selected extra virgin greek olive oil 17oz.
$3.99 Au’some super mario natural 3-Dees fruit flavored snacks 16.5oz.
$4.99 Happy Farms cheese tray 16oz.
$4.99 Grandessa Signature baklava assortment 12oz.
$5.99 Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen 16″ Mexican style pizza 35oz.

$6.99 Kitchen Living southwestern cookware, tortilla warmer or fajita pan
$4.99 Sealtite lunch or salad containers.
$.99 Boulder fiesta tableware paper plates or napkins.

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