My Big Walgreen’s Fail! Get it Right or Get Out of the Store

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I was so excited about my trip to Walgreen’s on Tuesday. I was going to use a bunch of Bayer and Aleve coupons to help get my low dose aspirin for free, plus get a $10 Register Reward. Additionally i was going to grab a couple of Coppertone Sprays at $9.79 with a $5 off coupon from smartsource last weekend and pick up another $10 RR. i would spend $5 on 2 cans Sunscreen and get a 6 month supply of aspirin. I was so excited about the trip and writing up this article. I arrived, grabbed the Coppertone and well on my way to victory. Unfortunately, i let myself i forget the first rule of couponing.

Couponing Rule #1

Read and Follow the Rules – Failing to follow the rules means you’ll not get your discount and you may pay a lot more than you planned. Read the coupon and follow the rules.

Well I knew the rules, “Buy $20 of 32 ct or more Bayer and/or 20 ct or more Aleve” and generate a Register Reward of $10. My problem was i wasn’t prepared to find less than i needed. there were only 4 low dose aspirin and i had 5 $3 off coupons, i needed one more to use the last coupon, but 3 more to hit the $20 threshold. I was checking out all the different packages of Bayer, hoping to find a few more “$3.xx” bottles to keep my costs down. I was starting to panic, i should have stopped and reassessed, but i didn’t. I rushed my decision and messed up my buy. Which leads to Rule #2

Couponing Rule #2

Have an Alternative Plan – Know what you’re going to do if you don’t find what your expecting. Either have alternative plans, come up with a plan right there in the store or just walk away from the transaction. The point is saving money, not making a transaction. If it’s not going to save you, just walk away.

In my panic to find an alternative i quickly grabbed 2 boxes of standard coated aspirin at $3.49 but i was still a few cents short of $20. I had $2 off advil, but it would have left me with a cost of over $3. I then recalled that there was a Register Reward for Bayer Advanced Aspirin. With the $3 reward (i couldn’t find the coupon i had for it) so that it would cost me just $1.

Couponing Rule #3

Write It Down and Bring the Flyer – Take the sale circular with you and write down the notes you need to ensure you follow the rules.

So my instincts were almost correct. Unfortunately the 2 bottles of standard aspirin were only 24 count and the advanced aspirin was only a 20 count so they didn’t count toward my $20 purchase Additionally, i was wrong on the Advanced Aspirin. The coupon i couldn’t find was $3 and the RR was just $1. Had i taken the 4 Bayer at 3.19 (12.76) and 2 Aleve at $5.95 ($11.90) with a $2 off coupon for each, i would buy $24.66, have $16 of coupons, meaning i would have paid $8.66 and received the $10 Register Reward for $20, leaving a cost of -$1.34. for 4 bottles (128 pills) of low does aspirin and 2 bottles (40 pills of Aleve) and get paid $1.34 for doing it.

That’s how it was supposed to be done. I feel like a moron for messing up, but i’m used to the feeling by now. Don’t let this happen to you. Remember the rules:
1) Read and Follow the Rules
2) Have an Alternative Plan
3) Write it Down – Carry notes and sale circulars

2 Responses to “My Big Walgreen’s Fail! Get it Right or Get Out of the Store”

  1. Barbara

    Fred…thank you so much for posting you experience. I am new to couponing and am experiencing the same downfalls. So it’s good to know I’m not the only one making some mistakes. A few weeks ago, Walgreens had neosporin on sale…and I had 2 $3 coupons. The Neosporin was 2-4-1 and I didn’t use my 2nd coupon. Got 2 for $3 but it could have been free! Lesson learned.

  2. monica k

    Unfortunately many of us have “been there done that!!”. Not finding what you need to complete the deal is always a bummer. I’m not that great figuring a plan “B” while in the store, sooo.. I just walk away , go home and re-read the blogs and plan to shop another day.. Just works better for me. Keep up the good work! Don’t get discouraged, we can’t always achieve the shoppers high on every deal, and thats okay too…………………..


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