45 Cent Reser’s Potato or Macaroni for 4th of July – Save a Lot

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I just got back from my weekly trip to Save a Lot and took advantage of the Detroit area sale running thru June 17th. My best deal were a couple of 16oz Reser Salads for 45 cents each, when i used the manufacture’s coupon i printed. That coupon gave me 55 cents off in combination with the $1 sale price. With another week to go and the fact that i picked up some that was good until July 4th, you can stock up next week for your Fourth of July party.

2 Pounds of Reser Salads for $ .90 -Great Deal with Coupon

Also on Sale thru June 17 at Save a Lot are Boneless Ribeye, Porterhouse or TBone steaks for $4.99 a pound. I’ve tried the Ribeye and Porterhouse and they were great, so i bought more today.

Do you know the difference between a T-Bone and Porterhouse? A Porterhouse is a T-Bone, where meat is present on both sides of long, vertical part of the bone. The main section of meat on a Porterhouse (the only section of meat on the T-Bone) is the same meat as you would find on a NY Strip. The meat on the other side, the smaller side of the Porterhouse, is tenderloin. Tenderloin, often cut into fillets and is generally the most expensive cut of beef. So when T-Bones and Porterhouse are the same price, always look for steaks with meat on both sides of the T, in other words: the Porterhouse.

There is a 10 for $10 sale going on at Save a Lot and among the sale items you can get:
Ekrich Bologna or Franks
Butterball Turkey Bacon and Turkey Bologna
Oscar Mayer lunchables
John Morrell Smoked Sausage or Links
Chef Boyardee Pasta
Pringles 4.9oz tube
Manwich 15oz can
Arizona Tea
Hawaiian Punch 32 oz
Popsicle 8 ct orange, cherry grape or Fudgsicle
Kellogs Cereal Cups

fresh produce for $1
Head Lettuce
Mini Carrots 1lb
Red and Yellow Peppers

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