Silk Almond – 2 for $5 at Publix + Get 55 cent Coupon Here

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If you’ve never had soy milk, you are in for an experience. Well, that’s a nice way of saying, i tried soy milk years ago after a lactose intolerant friend told me “it’s pretty good”. The problem with that review might not be obvious to you, but it is to me. You see I grew up with a mother who bought every diet/lite product there was. She would rate these products with just 2 choices and if you’re thinking Good/Bad, Pass/Fail, etc., you would be wrong. Indeed, my mother has just 2 ratings, they are “Very Good” and “Not Bad at All”. Clearly my lactose intolerant friend was using similar criteria when rating soy milk. Regarding my feelings about soy milk after my taste test, let’s leave at “It was quite the experience.”

Since i’m quite open minded i recently made another taste test, this time with chocolate soy milk. I was quite confident that a sweet chocolatey soy milk would finally draw me into the soy milk fan club. Well, i apparently was mistaken. I believe the word that best describes it is Yuck! Turns out my confidence was unfounded and yet another carton of soy milk was headed down my kitchen drain.

So now there is “Almond” milk, which another friend said was “Great, it’s only 25 calories a serving.” Now you would think i would just laugh off a statement like that, but you know i like a challenge. Here I go again. I’ll try some almond milk and tell you whether or not it tastes good. Wanna try it with me? Whatever i decide about almond milk, use the Silk coupon below, it is available for print out (upto 2 times). So save bit more when you try it

The Deal:
If you’re in the South and shop at Publix and like Soy or Almond milk, then don’t miss out on this week’s sale, 2 for $5. Print the coupon below (you can print each coupon twice) and you can turn in into a 2 for $3.90.

$0.55 off off any (1) Silk Pure Almond Half Gallo

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